Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Install Slackware 13 using UNetBootin

To install Slackware 13 using UNetBootin, you need to:

1. Download slackware-13.0-install-dvd and extract it to the root area of a hard drive(e.g. E:\).

2. Insert a USB.

3. Start UNetBootin, then select 'Custom', For the kernel, select one from the extracted ISO (e.g. E:\kernels\hugesmp.s\bzImage); for the Initrd, select one accordingly too. (e.g. E:\isolinux\initrd.img). Select the USB you've just inserted and click 'OK'.

4. Follow the instructions to reboot your computer and select 'Boot from the USB Hard Drive'.

5. You should now begin your Slackware installation progress. Just remember that, after logging in as root and before entering 'setup', please mount the hard drive which has been extracted the ISO image into. (e.g. 1. mkdir /mnt/foobar, 2. mount -t ntfs /dev/sda3 /mnt/foobar)

6. Enter 'setup' and remeber to select 'Install from a pre-mounted directory".

That's it.

Kernel URL>>
Initrd URL>>

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